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Resident Evil 4 - Mercenaries



For some reason, Wesker’s lower back when reloading the Hydra while moving(In Re: Mercenaries) is very distracting. I’ll admit that I got hit more than a few times cause of this.

Who fucking wouldn’t

vermillionspy whispered: "Rumor has it you want to touch my backside. How about no?"

"I have no idea where you are obtaining your bit of information, but never once have I implied such a thing. You have no reason to be concerned."

ask-psychotic-wesker whispered: ❛ brush ❜

His eyes flashed, a red hue that signaled warning, do not cross this line. Do not push the red button. The corners of his lips turned downward in a sentiment expressed displeasure- though one false move would prove disastrous, even for a man identical to him physically. “Watch yourself.”

thatonetyrant whispered: -Intense staring-


Wesker stares back, one blond eyebrow cocked. Then he moves, looking rather astonished. “Why, hello there.” He practically purrs. “It’s always a pleasure to meet such a fine specimen.” 


"So, tell me, Albert - what brings you by this day?" 

The edge of his sharp gaze seems to dull as the other speaks with a drawl and purr. He is however, very still- almost statuesque in the way he presented himself. There could never be enough caution expressed when approaching a predator, potentially as dangerous as he himself.

"Likewise." He spoke,

"Call it scientific curiosity." The other was being closely examined by the man careful about the distance between them.

tyrant-chris-redfield whispered: ❛ brush ❜

A glance was shot over the brim of his shades that had fallen slightly down the bridge of his narrow nose. Wesker held still, posture unbent and his expression was neutral; although the intensity of his stare told Chris that his very life was on the line, and the slightest move in the wrong would likely result in an immediate violent reaction. Despite that, Wesker did not find it something that he would complain about if done carefully.

vermillionspy whispered: Ada just grinned. "I would never dare to challenge /you/. You have to admit, I´m not as smart as you, but I am pretty smart. I betrayed you and survived it. And I still manage to keep my secrets a secret and to be one step ahead. Or have you found out my real name by now for example? Now /that/ would surprise me. And you don´t surprise me often."

"You are alive because I allow it, miss Wong. Your deceptiveness came as a minute inconvenience, however I prevailed to be completely unsurprised by your conducts. For that you have allotted yourself too much credit."

His tone was still even, despite a downward pinch at his eyebrows to enhance the severity.

"Your name is as trivial as our current conversation."

more wesker text posts. 2/?

vermillionspy whispered: "Oh my. You just made my day. It doesn´t happen often that you tell me I´m correct. I feel flattered. Almost." Of course it was pure sarcasm. "Do you miss me? Who steals all the viruses for you now?"

Noting the sarcastic tone, to say that Wesker looked impressed by it would have been a complete exaggeration. His expression and tone were set in indifference.

"To be missed, one must first challenge me on an intellectual level, you have failed to do so on any occasion." A pause, "And I would much prefer not to discuss my occupational obligations."